Pierre Mendola’s self-titled debut album is a journey in the composer’s inner world. Ranging from ambient to techno, including elements of jazz improv and symphonic music, his album is the consecration of years of learning and influences. This is a concept album : a motif, but moreso a texture that runs through the album, giving it a coherence in a diversity of styles. The album evolves from a more organic sound to an industrial tone, always blending genres and blurring the fronteer between analog and electronic worlds.


DOSAGE_UL Music Video

Music @pierre_mendola
Choreo and performance @__alice__jackson__
Filmography @_brandnamenoname_

Release Party Montreal

The album launch took place at Osmo Marusan in Montreal on June 15th.
It featured 4 guest performers alongside Pierre Mendola and Rafa Aslan.

MAGNETISME - Live Version


Dosage_UL - Congas Solo

Featuring Elli Miller Maboungou

HH's Traditions Smash - Piano Solo

Featuring Zach Frampton

Dosage_UL - Dance Solo

Featuring Alice Jackson

Alegria - Flute Solo

Featuring Pierre Mendola